Monday, December 27, 2010

Witch & Wizard

Another James Patterson :D I'm curios about the whole Gabrielle Charbonnet thing, how she's co-author but it sort of seems like JP is the only one. Most likely she just helped with ideas or something, I dunno. I'll google it. It would stink it they're jsut hyping JP because he's like, INSANELY FAMOUS. Which is true, and generally rightful since he's amazing.
So, for characters, I like Wisty and Whit, but I think Whit is a little bit one-sided. Whisty is very engaging, though. I sort of wonder whether Whit's going to stay with Celia or end up with someone else. THe thing is, in books it helps when the romantic leads are new to each other, because they're new to the reader, too. Most of the time, when the romance is already there before the book starts, the reader doesn't really care about it because they don't know how it started, so it's meaningless to them. I hope Wisty ends up with Sasha, though, because they'd be awesome together. Any guy named Sasha has to be awesome. Make that girl, too, because I was almost a Sasha, short for Alexandra, but it ended up being one of my middle names.
I really like this book, but I will admit I was expecting a little more from it, but since it's part of a trilogy most likely that'll be fulfilled then. And the second book came out, like, half a month ago. ANd I have some mookstore gift cards.
Except it's still in hardcover. So it'll cost more.
To buy or not to buy...
To buy. Duh.

What would make me really happy right now:
-The Gift, Witch and Wizard's sequel
-Mockingjay, because see Next Book
-More snow. Real snow, not this rain crap we're getting.

Next book: Catching Fire

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