Friday, January 7, 2011

The Goose Girl

This is the second Shannon Hale book I've read so far, and I think she's won me over. My minor critique is that her characters are sort of... I want to say walled, in the sense that you're not so much in their head, experiencing the story with them. You don't see oh-so much personality as you want to with your usual YA fiction. However, the justification to this is that it's written in the eloquent style of an old-fashioned fairytale, which traditionally lacks the personal connection between the characters and the readers or listeners.
What I liked about this one is that I can identify with her, and I can honestly say that for once, if I had been in her position, I would have reacted more as the spoiled brat, kicking and screaming, that she did. I also like that dispite starting out as a rather weak character, she continues to gain strength throughout the book and by the end I feel that she's overcome most of her internal struggles, which is admirable.
i did find Geric or whatever his name was to be a little bit boring, and I sort of felt the same way about the maindude in Shannon's other novel that I've read, Book of a Thousand Days, but in both he is a surprisingly nonpresent character.

What would make me really happy right now:
-To not be sick
-To not be going to a funeral tomorrow
-For my fever to go away
-For there not be undoubtably a gigantuan pile of English and French homework waiting for me on Monday. "Hey, we're so sorry about how you're sick and your releive died and you feel like crap on a variety of levels, but we'll make it up to you: here's some homework to keep you busy even though we all know you would rather be reading."
Yeah. Right.

Next book: The Gift, I'm guessing, but have I ever been right?

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