Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Book of Three

Lloyd Alexander is, like Scott Westerfeld, an awesome writer of female characters. In Westmark, it was pretty borinbg 'till Mickle showed up. Then things got interesting. Eilonwy of the Book of Three totally owns. She's a bit like me, as in talkative *cough cough... yeah* and she tends to babble (sound familiar?) Also, her epic mediocre-sorceressness is pretty amazing.
I love Gurgi. Last night I was going around Gurgi-talking--crunchings and munchings? Poor, humble Manon-y gets smackings and scoldings for talking and telling about readings and writings! Oh, poor underappreciated Manon!
Considering there are a few more books in this series (Although this is the first) I'm gonna cut this short and get started on the Black Cauldron.

What would make me really happy right now:
-A magic bauble
-A driver's liscence
-More books
-How has no one caught on to the Misaki-thing yet? Like, I might actually be free this Saturday night for once.

Next book: The Black Cauldron

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