Friday, October 15, 2010

The Pricker Boy!

Yay! I finished The Pricker Boy!
It's by Reade Scott Whinnem, AKA Mr. Whinnem, my homeroom/future basic media teacher. This fact in itself makes him pretty awesome. However, when blogging about a book you should never be biased, because the true awesomeness of a book is what's inside. Or something like that.
So, what's in side is pretty awesome. It kind of got confusing about halfway through, because a lot of the story is written as a flashback. Like, we're talking every other chapter or so. Sometimes I had trouble figuring out when things were happening and what was going on.
Then, toward the end (So, for me about twenty minutes or so ago) everything fell into place. I refuse to spoil the ending of this one, even though I make no guaruntees for the other books I blog about, but if you do read it, and by about 2/3 of the way through your brain is very mixed up, just keep reading. The ending is soooo worth it.

What would make me really happy right now:
-A trip to Misaki
-Purple lipstick
-Some more green eyeliner
-Magical hair that magically gets short when I want it short then magically gets long the rest of the time.
-Someone who can talk Cricket-sign with me---Mr. Whinnem may never hear me voice again. Actually, scratch that. Shutting up is something of which I am incapable.

Next book: Pendragon 3: The Never War. I think. Don't quote me on that.

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