Sunday, October 24, 2010


I do have a million excuses for not finishing a book in, like, a week, but assuming you don't want to hear them, I shall cut to the chase.
Spells by Aprilyne Pike is the sequel to Wings, which has the same title and disturbingly similar beginning to Wings by E. D. Baker. I actually originally bought it to see if it was a complete copy of it. Although far too similar in beginningness and plot, they have very different vibes. I have decided to devote this posts to why I hate this book but still love it.
Report card! : Ms. Pike gets an A for the character Chelsea, because in this book she's actually pretty interesting. Or at least in the end, which is freshest in my head. Hopefully she'll get a bigger role in the action in book 3. Unfortunately, I do not like how Laurel treats the boys in her life. Also, she is very Mary-Sueish and not very dimensional. She gets a C. David gets a B-, because he lets his girlfriend walk all over him yet is still the whole knight in shining armour deal. Tamani gets an A-, because even though he's sort of jerkish in some parts he has a lot of conflict and his character has layers and all that.
Relationshippydramaness gets an F. The love triangle is way too Twilight and everyone worships Laurel even though she only deserves it, like, once every few chapters. Ish.
Fairy awesomeness gets an A, though, because it's actually very good.

What would make me really happy right now:
-Misaki. Seriously.
-Mom to give up the everything-you-buy-gets-saved-for-Christmas because, like, I might run out of books. This is a very imposing threat.
-A couple of Austrailian time travel-related books that are not readily avaliable here, even though other books by those authors are. Gah. I'm gonna need an Amazon shipment by New Year's.

Next book: The Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander (Maybe. As you may notice I'm not very faithful to these next-book thingies.)

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