Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rebel Angels

I am back!
So, lately I haven't been able to get into a book at all, but today all I wanted to do was read. YES!!! It is not the apocalypse YET! (I'm still prepared for that, though.)
I read the prequel to this, A Great and Terrible Beauty, for summer reading last year. I bought the sequel but let my friend Emily borrow it since I wasn't done with the first one yet.
It took her six months to read it.
But I'm done now, and I really enjoyed it. Except the part where Kartik wasn't there. I love Kartik, or maybe I just love the added sense of holywhat'sgoingon he adds. I still don't know how to pronounce his name.
When I saw the Asa in the letter from Miss Moore, I immediately wrote her name on a post-it and cut it up so that I could mess with the letter. Witht he name Hester Asa Moore, you can make the names of several ancient gods: Ares, Hermes, Hera, and Mars. You can also make Mother, which seemed like a lead, Rooster, Rose and Sea. Then I was messing around and had Sara, then I added the H... and then it all came together. Sarah Rees-Toome! I always thought the last name was funny, she must have invented the name for the anagram rather than the other way around.
I want to read the sequel :D I need money and a trip to the bookstore.

What would make me really happy right now:
-A trip to the bookstore

Next book: aye dee kay.

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